Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another day at the dojo

The day began like many other days at any of a number of dojo, around the world. bowing, taking ukemi (not an optional activity here) and generally giving each other a good thrashing. But nestled amongst the rice paddies of rural Japan there were a few surprises, a 10th dan was presented, and a 4-dan and 6-dan grading followed by a night of celebration at a local Japanese restaurant.

Congratulations Williams Sensei on 10-dan Aikido Yuishinkai

Mistaking Sunter San for Santa-San he is asked for an autograph many times

Bento lunches...very derrishess
Hashimoto Sensei gives a stellar demonstration for 6-dan Aikido Kodokai

No pressure but Maruyama sensei is watching

Fabulous Shabu-shabu followed by sushi, tempura and many other fabulous dishes

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